Cleaning Process

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  1. Injectors are externally cleaned , visually inspected, and numbered.
  2. Injectors are then put into the first of two heated Ultrasonic Cleaning tanks.
  3. Injectors are tested for resistance, inductance, shorts and current draw.
  4. Leak, spray pattern, and flow rate tests are performed and recorded.
  5. Filter basket , O-rings, and pintle caps are removed if needed and where applicable.
  6. A three step ultrasonic cleaning process in two separate ultrasonic tanks is performed. During these processes the injectors are pulsed at various rates to ensure complete and accurate results.
  7. After ultrasonic cleansing; a high pressured back flush is performed to remove any remaining particles that might be left inside the injector and to flush injector from any remaining ultrasonic cleaning fluids.
  8. Injectors are now retested for leaks, spray pattern and flow rate, then the results are recorded. 
  9. New filter baskets, O-rings and pintle caps are installed if and where applicable.
  10. Injectors are oiled and placed in sealed plastic bags. A comprehensive report is prepared and returned with the injectors.