What is GDI?

Engine manufacturers are switching to Direct Injection Fuel Injectors to meet emissions standards, better performance and greater fuel economy. GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection is a process where the a very fine mist of fuel is injected, at fuel pressures that vary between 80—3000 psi, directly in to the combustion chamber. To achieve these pressures, the gasoline is pressurized by a high pressure fuel pump that is mechanically driven and electronically controlled.  Because there is no cleaning agent, such as gasoline, present to clean the valves from any debris, carbon and dirt builds up behind the intake valves and ports. After 45000 miles, engines start losing performance and its costly to fix because you’ll need to remove the cylinder head to remove the dirt buildup from the intake valves and ports.

How can SPI help?

Our GDI injector cleaning and testing service can help save you money. We can service fuel injectors for anyone anywhere in the world. Please feel free to Contact Us regarding questions you may have.  The ASNU Injector Diagnostic System allows us to compare, side by side, fuel injector flow rates and spray patterns. We also service automotive, motorcycle, ATV, jet ski, marine, and outboard fuel injectors.  Our cost effective ultrasonic cleaning and electronic flow testing procedures will restore most fuel injectors to a reliable factory new condition, therefore eliminating the purchase of new and expensive OEM or aftermarket fuel injectors. When all cylinders are operating evenly, you can expect emissions, drive-ability, peak performance and fuel economy to improve.

Does SPI “rebuild” fuel injectors?

Nobody actually rebuilds gasoline injectors, since they are a sealed unit and can’t be totally disassembled. What we do is inspect, test, ultrasonically clean and replace any serviceable parts, (such as filters, o-rings, & pintle caps). Some companies call this rebuilding, or even remanufacturing and charge over 5 times our price. We replace all the parts that can be replaced. The truth is, you are getting the same thing.

**Beware of places that claim to “Rebuild” gasoline injectors**

Why should I have my injectors serviced?

If you have your injectors out for any reason you should have them professionally serviced. The tips clog from solid deposits in the fuel and the filters become restrictive. On car cleaning won’t unclog a stuffy filter. When your injector is performing like new it improves tail pipe emissions, fuel economy, power and cold start dependability.

I’m replacing or rebuilding my engine, should I buy new injectors?

You should only buy new injectors if your old ones have case leaks or electrical problems. You should have your injectors serviced to make sure you don’t lean out a cylinder on your new engine and ruin it. Most warranty’s won’t cover a engine failure caused by a lean condition. We provide you with a computer report to prove to your engine company your injectors performance.

Can you return the old used parts that have been replaced?

Yes we can, and do return them. It is standard practice to return these parts. Please make sure you include the original parts that came from the injectors being serviced. Sometimes these parts tell us a story about the injectors being serviced. If you were experiencing a leak and remove all o-rings before sending them in for service, we would not be able to tell you where the leak was coming from.