ASNU “Classic” Injectors

asnu-classics-largeASNU ‘Classic’ range of injectors Posted 3rd November 2016 by Laura

From the ASNU range of multi hole atomising, high performance injectors, ASNU introduce the Classic injector. It is designed to both replace obsolete parts for those wishing to keep a cherished vehicle on the road, and provide a modern alternative performance product to those wishing to retain a classic and historically accurate appearance.
With a solid 6000 series alloy main body and designed with stainless steel internal components, it is a drop in replacement for Bosch and Webber hose type injectors of the 1970’s and for the later  Bosch, Webber & Denso injectors of the 80’s and early 90’s. Available in highly atomised flow rates from 150cc up to 1300cc and designed to operate with aggressive fuels and in harsh conditions. Supplied as a vehicle specific plug and play option, or as a performance part with the relevant tuning data.